UnaVision Videos

May and June 2014 in Macedonia and Kosovo

by Theresia Reinhold

The UnaVision is a network of people with a common vision for a sustainable future. The network is a human centred, bottom up civil society movement.

The vision of UnaVision is to create a global network of learning journeys, of knowledge sharing and social businesses in order to foster the sustainable (social, ecological, cultural and economic) development and to create many meaningful green jobs. We are looking for partners who like to be part of it! We envision a network of people and organizations from exceptional regions, which good practise examples of sustainable development. The objective of the network is to connect like-minded people and organizations of regions around the globe, who can learn from each other, co-create systems, concepts, products, services and social entrepreneurships, which support the development of our sustainable future.

Homepage: unaVision.eu

December 2015 in Gorgast, Germany

Rising up UnaVision – Gathering 1 Took place in Gorgast, 9-12th december 2015 

Concept and drawings: Fanny Monod 

Video : Branko Blazevski 

Contact UnaVision: unavision.eu 


Jahreskonferenz Seibert Media 2020

Johannes Pfister explains the UnaVision concept of prototyping sustainable living, learning and working together.

UnaVision speech in Megalopoli Arcadia 2016

Franz Nahrada and Johannes Pfister in Arcadia, Greece

UnaVision Summit 2017 in Portugal with Sementes Vivas

Presentation of the UnaVision Concept by Johannes Pfister

ERASMUS Project "Volunteering for Eco Employment" 

22-30/09/2019 Küstriner Vorland, Germany

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Slobodan Antic