Introduction to Somatics

Du betrachtest gerade Introduction to Somatics

Introduction to Somatics & Somatic Trauma-healing

Three-day workshop July 9th to 12th offered by Iman Boundaoui and Karim Goessinger

Iman is somatic practitioner and facilitator working with individuals and communities to heal and transform collective, intergenerational and politicized trauma. 

Karim is educator and cultural worker. He practices internal martial arts, Qigong/Taijiquan, since twelve years and studies Chinese energetics at Meshkah in Cairo.


Positioning ourselves in the fertile field of somatics, we are hosting a three-day/night dive into our bodies with the intention of opening our joints, listening for resonances, moving with pain and massaging our organs. We draw inspiration from politicized somatics in an effort to relate, resist and transform inherited trauma, tendencies and addictions.


Day 0

July 9th – Arrival at Herzershof (Gorgast coming from Ostkreuz) between 3 and 6pm + Check-into cabins/rooms + Welcome dinner

Day 1

July 10th – Morning meditation + healing qigong with Karim + breakfast +

defining somatics and embodied transformation with Iman + lunch + exploring somatics through practice with Iman and Karim + afternoon outdoors activity (by lake) + dinner

Day 2

July 11th – Morning meditation + healing qigong with Karim + breakfast + defining trauma and resilience with Iman + exploring somatic processes of healing, including bodywork with Karim and Iman + afternoon outdoors activity (along Oder) + dinner

Day 3

July 12th – Morning meditation + healing qigong with Karim + breakfast + reflection, questions, intentions, commitments + lunch + farewell


250 to 350 Euro according to financial ability, including accommodation, food + tea, training