UnaVision call for partners (EN)

Call for UnaVision partners

1) Objective

In a rapidly changing world, the ability of fast evidence-based reactions and building up resilience become increasingly important. Therefore, the UnaVision initiative is building up self-learning structures within a global network. We are looking for partners around the globe who are willing to co-create an UnaVillage prototype and join the UnaVision network. The requirements for partnership are a suitable existing or new location in a rural area and a group of highly motivated people who are willing to invest their time for this unique experiment. The mission of this UnaVillage is using in your daily life a transformative learning process to create and adapt prototypes with good and content life for all people while protecting our unique fragile biosphere. This process is supported and coordinate by the international UnaVersity. In the long term the UnaVillage, just like a real village, should be a lively community with housing, food production and a regional circular economy securing a high degree of self-sufficiency for the region.

2) What can a community gain by hosting an UnaVillage?

UnaVersity: Being part of the UnaVersity network we like to foster a real-life exchange of project-based learning approaches and results. UnaVision may also enable short- and long-term exchanges between the UnaVillages and regular, virtual communication. Common research projects will stimulate knowledge and experience in fields such as transformative learning, pattern language, new work and economic approaches, healthy living and many other topics.

Economic Support: The international network may support the UnaVillage by applying together for funding, exchange programs and solidarity activities of individuals or teams. Eco-social co-operations are promoted with local actors like companies, associations, institutions and people. City-hubs are established that work as promotors and advertise for the UnaVillages located in rural areas.

Sustainability and Resilience: All actions should be checked for sustainability (SDGs). The surrounding community is invited to join the transformative learning offers, the international exchange of experiences and the co-creation process. One objective is to reach a high degree of self-sufficiency of food as well as products and services from the region. UnaVillages aim at providing bio food, shelter, preventive health care, learning opportunities and cultural, spiritual and art offerings.

3) Current Situation

After several years of developing the UnaVision concept, the foundation stone for the first UnaVillages was laid in Germany in 2018. Our small but growing international network consists of some active players in Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, North Macedonia), Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco) and Near East (Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan). These people support with their resources (knowledge, time, network, finances) the dissemination and the implementation of the vision of a global learning UnaVersity in harmony with nature and the community around. Visit and contact us at www.unavision.eu.