UnaVision Global Network (EN)

The UnaVision global network aims at establishing over a hundred UnaVillage regions in different countries helping each other. They are inviting places in rural areas where people are learning, working and living together for a sustainable, good and peaceful livelihood. These are physical locations, where Transformative Learning happens.

The UnaVision groups of different countries also connect with their surrounding community, municipality and with universities around the globe. The groups are in different stages of implementing UnaVillage regions and UnaVision city hubs. On this page and the ones connected to it they show their progress and give contact data. To join this network also have a look at the "call for partners page" using this link and register for login to the intranet showing more: Just send a mail to info@unavision.eu. 

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UnaVision Germany

The coordination of the network has its center in Germany. Here the UnaVillage Oderbruch started 2017 with the lease of a small agricultural field and greenhouse as well as the search for a building and some agricultural land. In July 2018 our non-profit cooperative ThinkCamp was able to acquire the "Herzershof", an estate with 2 ha land and buildings in fairly good condition. They include a dormitory, an event hall, a workshop and 4 green houses. Meanwhile part of the dormitory was turned into a hostel-library (picture).

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UnaVision Germany – UnaVision

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UnaVision Deutschland (DE)

UnaVision Ethiopia

Near the Gricha agricultural research centre of the University of Arba Minch a site of 90ha is planned to be recultivated with agro-forestry in permaculture. Houses for 150 – 500 people will be built from natural material. The region was identified during an UnaVersity Research Journey in October 2017. During a community assessment in 2018 families and many stakeholders of the region were visited and interviewed. A design challenge was held at the University of Arba Minch in March 2018 and 4 teams from Addis Ababa and Arba Minch participated in the competition. The UnaVillage Gircha in Ethiopia is supported by University of Arba Minch (AMU) and Rotary International. 

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UnaVillage Gircha

UnaVision Egypt Nile Delta

Another location in Egypt for a planned UnaVillage is in the Nile delta with a farm including an orchard. This is a very fruitful and densely populated region. The UnaVision partner for this is CILAS – the Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts. It is a unique learning center for people from all walks of life to engage with the liberal arts through a pedagogy of discovery. Bringing CILAS and UnaVision together expands the learning experience to all aspects of our lives. 

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UnaVision Egypt Sinai

First UnaVision encounters with leaders of the Jabaleya Bedouin tribe was in January 2019 with extensive talks, walks and excursions on camels. During the next gathering in April 2019 the location near the monastery was identified and first trees planted. There are many things learners can study from mountain gardens, medical herbs, Bedouin society living and traditional crafts. Besides that, a very diverse mountain and desert environment gives opportunities to discover nature.

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UnaVision Georgia

Groups of people meet since January 2018 with the intention of forming an UnaVillage. At the moment they are evaluating several regions and offers of land from municipalities. The partner is Entrepreneurs Association, a nonprofit, membership-based organization, which was founded in 2012.
It aims to build a community of innovators and entrepreneurs and support venture development process through networking, mentoring, training and acceleration programs and activities; Currently Entrepreneurs Association unites 50 entrepreneurs from production, service, tourism and agriculture fields.

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UnaVision Georgia – UnaVision

UnaVision Italy

The Italian partner Legambiente is renovating a building that was taken by the government from the Italian mafia and given for nonprofit purposes serving the community. UnaVision trainings and meetings will be offered here:

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UnaVision Italy – UnaVision

UnaVision Kosovo

Zemra farm, means "my heart farm" in Albanian, is a recently established farm 30 km north of Pristina. We cover a 5-ha area and additional 2 ha dedicated to the UnaVision community. Our Farm will be built based on permaculture principles. We believe organic food is the future. This means all our fruits, vegetables, grains and other ingredients are free from obscure chemicals and pesticides.

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UnaVision Kosovo – UnaVision

UnaVision Morocco

Arbaa Sahel is a village south of Agadir in Morocco. During the NGO MOSAIC meeting in Jordan in December 2019, the idea of an UnaVillage Morocco came up. The vision became clearer during meetings in January 2020 with the Association ESPOIR, and the Association BANI in Tiznit, the president of the Municipality Arbaa Sahel and several Cooperatives of the region. A team is now forming and preparing a Green Design Challenge in Arbaa Sahel. You are welcome to join. 

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UnaVision Palestine

Partners for Sustainable Development (PSD) is a Palestinian nonprofit organization established in 2009 to equip Palestinian youth with the skills and knowledge required by an increasingly complex and demanding 21st century. Over the past ten years, PSD's programs have unleashed the potential of communities by supporting their grass roots activities and social enterprises. Programmatic interventions implemented by PSD have focused on youth engagement in their communities through formal and informal education, ICT (information and communication technology) and entrepreneurship.

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UnaVision Palestine – UnaVision

UnaVision Serbia

"Eko fun камп" is an environmental association and as such it is mostly focused on educational activities with children and citizens in the topic of environmental protection and animal protection. We are conducting workshops on nature and ecology as well as many other activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable development. Our volunteers are students and young people from different universities who want to change something for the better in their community, country and on a global level. Our organization promotes healthy lifestyles and volunteerism for future generations.

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UnaVision Serbia – UnaVision

UnaVision Spain

Asociación Mojo de Caña is a non-profit association that works at national and international level. It was founded in 2001 in Gran Canaria island (Spain) and consolidated as an entity that provides services to Youth, a volunteer entity and a collaborating entity in the provision of Social Services of the Government of the Canary Islands, with delegations in Tenerife, La Palma, Gran Canaria, Madrid and Córdoba. Currently, the Mojo de Caña Association manages, organizes, produces and promotes social, cultural, communitarian, environmental and international projects.

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UnaVision Spain – UnaVision