UnaVision Kosovo

The UnaVision events in Kosovo started in 2014 (see below). Most resent activities concentrate on Zemra farm. This means "my heart farm" in Albanian, is a recently established farm 30 km north of Prishtina. We cover a 5 ha area and additional 2 ha dedicated to the UnaVision community. Our Farm will be built based on permaculture principles. We believe organic food is the future. This means all our fruits, vegetables, grains and other ingredients are free from obscure chemicals and pesticides. 

We will have a mix of commercial, educational and social entrepreneur activities such as market gardens, fulfilling needs of vegetables and dairy products for our coffee shop, cold press juice and cookie production. We work with volunteers from Rotary and Rotaract and do projects for Rotary. 

We as Kosovar organizers supported UnaVision activities and vice versa in Kosovo since 2014 participating in summer schools, building an urban garden in Prishtina and connecting with many people to foster the idea and concept of sustainable development.

Contact Fadil Ukiqi

fadil.ukiqi@gmail.com, Mobil: 00383 44 118 598