UnaVision Serbia

In Serbia the UnaVision approach is implemented by "Ekološko udruženje fanova kampova (Eko fun камп)". This is an environmental association and as such it is mostly focused on educational activities with children and citizens in the topic of environmental protection, animal protection, conducting workshops on nature and ecology as well as many other activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable development. Our volunteers are students and young people from different universities who want to change something for the better in their community, country and on a global level, our organization promotes healthy lifestyle and volunteerism for future generations.

Organizing local and international camps is also one of the main activities that we do. In the beginning, we have started to organize local, regional and national eco and work camps for kids and youth. After nice experiences in small projects, camps, actions, we decided to start with international eco/work camps. Since 2011. We had 26 international camps. Volunteers are coming from different countries to exchange their ideas, experiences and work to help local volunteers and communities.

Main topics of our camps are how to educate kids and youth to save the environment, cleaning and preparation devastating areas (rivers, lakes, schoolyards, parks…) reparation old schools in villages, creating homes for different animals/insects, renewable energy projects (solar panels, wind turbines, solar cookers, etc.) and also promoting of culture values.


Often our volunteers organize ecological workshops for kids from primary schools and kids with disabilities, trying to show them why it is important to save nature and our planet. Our organization also takes care about solidarity – have realized a lot of humanitarian actions, among which are the most numerous "blood donation". Volunteers are also helping in areas affected by natural disasters. 

Our target group for work is primarily kids in elementary schools, then youth and other citizens. We want those children and others from the earliest ages to be closer to nature and care about her. Our aim is to raise awareness about preserving the environment, promote a healthy lifestyle and to emphasize the importance of active volunteering, not only in the context of environmental protection but in all aspects. Our organization is also an EVS Sending and Receiving organization.

Contact: Zoran Mitrović
zoran88mitrovic@gmail.com, tel: +381612512840