UnaVersity (EN)

UnaVersity offers a unique environment for transformative learning, project-based learning and research activities. We coordinate learning and research journeys, hiking dialogs, workshops, vision labs and UnaVillage prototypes and support individual learning activities, personal growth and the co-creation of eco-social enterprises. The UnaVersity provides a growing network of knowledge and collaboration driven by like-minded, experienced people. We see the importance and need of systems which are human centred and not based on standard curricula and influenced by special interest groups. Interested, please contact us at info@thinkcamp.eu.

UnaVillage Prototype

The center of our activities are the UnaVillage Prototypes. This is an integrated approach, where Project Based and Transformative Learning and individual Learning Journeys come together. The concept is emerging out of a decade of Learning- and Research Journeys. The prototypes aim to experiment sustainable living in a real-life situation, where people build up their villages and work, learn and live together. Transformative Learning and a vivid exchange within the UnaVision network should be an integrated part of the prototypes.

The UnaVillage Prototype offers motivated people an unique opportunity to learn, work and live together for a period of time. The start can be a minimum of 2 weeks stay which then can be extended at a chosen location. In addition to learning about sustainable lifestyles we will implement, work with and further co-develop concepts such as UnaVersity, Sociocracy, New Work-New Culture, Economy of Common Goods and Social Entrepreneurship among others.

The first prototype started in Germany 2019 and is continuing since then. You are very welcome to join – check for details on Participating


ERASMUS+ activities

Erasmus+ is the European Union Programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Its budget of €14.7 billion will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad. Besides offering opportunities for students it has a wide variety of activities for individuals and organisations.

Since 2010 we conducted and participated in several ERASMUS K-1 and K-2 actions. There are current activities, you can join. We are also looking for partners from program countries and neighboring countries. Here some Examples:

Project Based Learning

Individuals or teams decide on creating a project. This can be offering an event or service, building an oven, a house or creating a product. This project will be looked at from all aspects such as ecological, economical, functional, sustainable and implemented as sustainable as possible. We will be co-developing and applying an individual and team centered Transformative Learning concept. The concept concentrates on Project- and Problem Based Learning, Learning and Research Journeys, System Dynamics, Systematic Innovation and Pattern Language. The learning themes are about personal, team and community development, healthy living, New Work and Economic Models. We will apply this learning process to the different learning, working and living environments within the UnaVillages and the UnaVision global communities. It also corresponds to our intention to create lifelong learning and the key competences for that. We like to foster with this special learning approach an important and lasting change with the UnaVillage inhabitants, participants and learning communities relating to all fields of life but especially finding passion and fields of work, which the people really, really like to do and by the same time sustaining their livelihood.

Learners start practically (Project Based Learning) by planning and doing tasks, by co-creating new products and services and by solving problems, determining the cause and effect relationships and identifying patterns and principles behind their insights. By working and communicating within a team, learners may receive critique of assumptions and can reflect in constructive dialogs their learnings, feelings, needs and desires and may reach, with help of the feedbacks and reflections, a higher level of understanding. This understanding and interest may lead the learner to start transformative researches. He or she will deepen his or her thoughts by asking critical questions, using systematic innovation and opening his or her mind for new solutions. We like to create a practical concept for this learning process, test it during the prototyping periods and prepare multipliers for the implementation and spread of these approaches within the UnaVision network and beyond. 

Learning Journeys

Learning journeys for individuals and teams help to answer the question "What do I really, really like to do with my life?".  UnaVersity participants co-design their inner and outer learning journeys, identify some learning partners, mentors and expert to support them and start with suitable activities. As part of the learning journeys, people can participate in inspiring projects and programs and also participate intensive interaction with likeminded people within the Transformative Learning process in an UnaVillage region. Finding orientation that way, participants can design and prototype Eco-Social Entrepreneurships or join existing ones. Basically, we work with our 4-M philosophy:

  • Moving – to move with your body, thoughts and mind
  • Meeting – to meet and understand other people; lead profound dialogs and share ideas and experience
  • Making – co-create a sustainable future and implement eco-social innovations
  • Multiply – sharing experience, insights, knowledge and information openly. Use creative commons

Hiking Dialogs

Since many years we implemented hiking dialogs. The duration lasts from one day to several months. The idea is to concentrate on one topic and have an exchange of dialogs, meditations, ideas, concepts and thoughts. Hikes were conducted on four continents. 

Trainees - Internship - Thesis - BFD

We are looking for motivated people to support the co-development of the UnaVision network and UnaVersity activities. As a trainee you are active in different circles such as gardening, alternative building, social entrepreneurship and administrative work. You develop your own program and set your own learning objectives.


Diversity within one mankind and one biosphere on one planet …