Green EDEN Training Workshop Serbia

Du betrachtest gerade Green EDEN Training Workshop Serbia

Green EDEN Training Serbia

Workshop 26.09. – 03.10.2022

Overview of the project

The workshop will take place in Serbia. The locations are Kragujevac, a city in the central part of Serbia, the village Adzine Livade and the Botanical Garden.

Hosting Organisation
The hosting organization of this project is, Eko fun камп, which has its main seat in Kragujevac. Eko fun kamp is an environmental association founded in 2011, and as such is mostly focused on educational activities with children and citizens focusing on environmental protection, animal protection, conducting workshops on nature and ecology as well as many other activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable development. (website) (Instagram) (Facebook)

Partner Organizations
Serbia: Ekološko uruženje fanova kampova (Serbia)
Spain: Mojo de Cana (Spain)
Germany: Una Vision (Germany)

Arrival Day 26.09.2022

Every delegation from each country will be assigned to a contact person from Eko fun kamp who will help you to organize your travel to Kragujevac. Depending on where you will arrive in Serbia (probably Belgrade or Kragujevac), this contact person will be assigned soon and will give you all the needed information for your arrival and welcome you, once you arrive in Kragujevac at the train or bus station. Moreover, they will be always available if your arrival is delayed or other issues occur.

Departure Day 03.10.2022

As for the arrival day, the departure day will be managed and organized by Eko fun kamp and your contact person will guide you to the destination from where you will depart to your home country.

Green Travel
Green Travel is possible. That means you can come overland and your journey may take a couple of days longer traveling from and to your home destination.

Topics of the program

For this workshop, youth workers from Spain, Germany and Serbia come together to learn and exchange knowledge. The project has strong input on different topics such as public relations work, civic engagement and problem analysis but also offers many opportunities to visit local organizations and initiatives that will inspire youth workers in their future work in a more sustainable way. During these days, there will also be a lot of time to get to know the other participants, the different countries and cultures and to spend time in Kragujevac and the village. Topics are:

● food preservation and food management, old rural Serbian traditions ( and not that old, still used )
● family waste management
● visit to Kragujevac and local museums half day – half day free time in Kragujevac
● visit to handmade local producers probably within Kragujevac visit or apart, depending on logistical arrangements
● cleaning of an open natural space
● talks or visits related to privatization of water
● activism of Serbian population against RioTinto
● Dialog about transformative learning concepts for sustainable development
● Dialog about future living, working and learning in rural regions and cities (UnaVillage – Eco City)
● ecoChallanges and preparation of local activities until Berlin


There are no restrictions on entering the Republic of Serbia.
The recommendation to wear masks indoors remains in force while wearing masks in health facilities is mandatory.

Sleeping indoors or in tents

On the campground are facilities with two dormitories that can fit 24 beds. Those dormitories will be mixed (by gender). We can provide the 7 people with small tents, two people can fit in one tent. Since the temperature in September – October in Kragujevac varies between 16 and 23 degrees during the day (it can also be warmer) and down to 9 – 14 degrees during the night (depending on where you live it could be considered "chilly" or warm😉). We recommend bringing comfortable and warm clothing for the nights in the camp. In general, do not forget to pack warm and sporty clothes for our activities that will be mostly outdoors in the camp and in the rangy surroundings.


In Kragujevac and village Adzine Livade, Serbia
There is the beautiful property of a Mountain club where we will have our accommodation and project activities.

Photos of the area:


We will prepare breakfasts on our own in the camp. Lunch and dinners will be served in the camp or on special days in the city of Kragujevac or at other places which we will visit. We are very careful about providing meals respecting the diets of everyone (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, no pork, etc.).

What to bring along 

★ Motivation & Respect & Energy!!!
★ Passport, International Health Insurance
★ Invitation Letter (it might be asked for at the border control, it will be provided by Eko fun kamp)
ALL INVOICES of tickets, receipts and other documents for reimbursement (BRING THE ORIGINALS)
★ Your own sleeping bag (if you are camping) – also we can provide for you
★ A camping mattress to sleep on (if you are camping) – also we can provide for you
★ Bring your own medication, that you might need
★ Clothes & protection (e.g. sunscreen, after-sun lotion) for all kinds of weather (rainy, sunny and hot)
★ Insect protection (in the mountains can be many mosquitoes and other insects)
★ Information about your activities and sending organization back home
★ Material and information about your sustainable topic (preparation to introduce the Topic-Problem-Goal presentations of your delegation)

 What we expect from the participants 

★ to be good or very good in English (during the camp all participants will have to communicate in English on their own when we work in mixed teams or the plenum)
★ to be engaged and involved as a volunteer-4-youth-worker at home
★ to invest time before the project, in order to brainstorm & prepare notes for the chosen sustainable topic and to communicate with the other members of your project group
★ to meet afterwards with your team in your home country to implement small campaign (topic – sustainable lifestyle)
offer updates and feedback in form of digital or written material about the campaign's process
★ Please fill out the following form for closer information about you and the project: Zoran will create a google form

What we do expect from the partner organizations

★ to support the participants at any stage of the project – to make sure that the small campaigns are developed and implemented afterwards
★ to evaluate the campaigns together with the participants
★ to stay in contact after the exchange with the other partners
to prepare a report (documentation) about the campaign's progress and outcomes
★ to work with other partner organizations on a final manual/booklet* about the simulation game, translate it into your language and publish it
*All outcomes of the project activities will be integrated into a Toolbox, which includes a manual on "How to design a campaign?", which the participants design during the project's activities. It aims to create material that is to be locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally disseminated and used after the project activity. In that way, the developed ideas and methods can find a bigger audience.

Cultural Evenings

Each delegation will present their country, culture, daily life and organization through a cultural evening. It could take between one to three hours and include for example presentations, storytelling & experience sharing games, music & dance, snacks or a quiz.
Try to make it interactive and personal (please prevent stereotypes and stigmatizations!). Try to avoid Internet videos and the presentations should not sound like Wikipedia.

Money Issues

Food, accommodation and activities are free as this project is supported by the EU-Erasmus program.
What will be reimbursed?
★ Your flight tickets + domestic transportation (travel budget depends on the country in the framework of the EU-Erasmus directive)
★ Again, you need to keep and bring all the original documents, invoices, boarding passes, etc. for the reimbursements ! ! !


Eko fun kamp (Ekološko udruženje fanova kampova)
Radoja Domanovića 12, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

Project's Coordinators:

Johannes Pfister (Germany),, +49 (172) 862 8947

Jana Pajić (Spain),

Zoran Mitrovic (Serbia)
☎️ +381612512840 (WhatsApp)
☎️ +34664190735
Affiliated organizations:
Eko fun kamp