UnaVillage (EN)

UnaVillages are inviting places in rural areas where people are learning, working and living together for a sustainable, good and peaceful livelihood. These are physical locations, where Transformative Learning happens.

UnaVillages, as locations of the UnaVersity, offer exchange of experiences for a resilient future. In close connection with the surrounding community and the global solitary UnaVision community we are experimenting with and learning about alternative eco-social community models. UnaVillages are aiming for a community of 150 to 850 members. They are open for short- and long-term learners and scholars from the region and from around the globe.

Buildings are renovated or newly built from natural and regional materials. Regenerative energy, environmentally friendly water and hygiene systems will become a best practice example of regenerative, sustainable living. The region transforms into an eatable and permaculture region by using public and private spaces for planting trees, raising vegetables, herbs, fruits and crops for producing organic, regional food.

The UnaVillage community is composed of like-minded people and organizations within the geographic region of the UnaVillage. It serves as a node and hub for this region. The community collaborates actively to implement an environment for better living and a preventive health system. UnaVillages work in conjunction and close cooperation with regional developments led by local civil society and supported by institutions such as NGOs, universities, associations and municipalities. One objective is to enrich the social, cultural and environmental development of the region. UnaVillages may become catalysts for new ideas, social and technological innovations, good and healthy livelihoods, meaningful work and eco-social entrepreneurship.


UnaVillage Oderbruch, Germany

UnaVillage Oderbruch started 2017 with the rental of a small agricultural field and greenhouse and the search of a building and some agricultural land. In July 2018 our non-profit cooperative ThinkCamp was able to acquire the "Herzershof", an estate with 2 ha land and buildings in fairly good condition. They include a dormitory, an event hall, a workshop and 4 green houses. To see more you can register for login: Just send a mail to info@thinkcamp.eu.

UnaVillage Gircha, Ethiopia

Near the Gricha agricultural research cernter of the University of Arba Minch a site of 90ha is planned to be recultivated with agro-forestry in permaculture. Houses for 150 – 500 people shall be built from natural material. The region was identified during an UnaVersity Research Journey in October 2017. During an action research in winter 2018 families and many stakeholders of the region were visited and interviewed. A design challenge was held at the University of Arba Minch in March 2018 and 4 teams from Addis Ababa and Arba Minch participated in the competition. For 2020, the first tree planting activities are planned. 

UnaVillage Arbaa Sahel, Morocco

Arbaa Sahel is a village south of Agadir in Morocco. During the NGO MOSAIC meeting in Jordan in December 2019, the idea of an UnaVillage Morocco came up. The vision became clearer during meetings in January 2020 with the Association ESPOIR, and the Association BANI in Tiznit, the president of the Municipality Arbaa Sahel and several Cooperatives of the region. A team is now forming and preparing a Green Design Challenge for May 2020 in Arbaa Sahel. You are welcome to join. 

UnaVillage St. Catharine, Egypt

First UnaVision encounters with leaders of the Jabaleya Bedouin tribe was in January 2019 with extensive talks, walks and excursions on camels. During the next gathering in April 2019 the location near the monastery was identified and first trees planted. There are many things learners can study from mountain gardens, medical herbs, Bedouin society living and traditional crafts. Besides that, a very divers mountain and desert environment gives opportunities to discover nature.

UnaVillage Nile delta, Egypt

Another location in Egypt for a planned UnaVillage is in the Nile delta with a farm including an orchard.

UnaVillage Georgia in preparation

Groups of people meet since January 2018 with the intention to form an UnaVillage. At the moment they are evaluating several regions and offers of land for from municipalities. 

UnaVision Summit in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

In 2017 an UnaVision summit was held in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. It started with visiting the project Casa de Santa Isabel, continued with visiting the farm and production facility of Sementes vivas and included many workshops, exhibitions and presentations in the townhall of Idanha-a-Nova. This summit was embedded into a learning journey from Germany through France and Spain to Portugal and back for 3 weeks (10-12 until 11-05).

UnaVision Summit in Visvliet, Netherlands

After participating in several UnaVision meetings in other countries a group from Netherlands hosted a UnaVision summit in 2016 in Visvliet. They presented their broad network with other likeminded groups in the Netherlands and hosted several UnaVersity events at Groningen as well.